Considering Iran’s weather and conditions, it has a wide variety of agricultural products. Especially products which are nativized to this country. With having a great network of suppliers accross Iran and the help of lots of farmers and land owners, APA company has taken steps to fullfil clients’ needs.

We are always moving to provide high-quality products based on our customers’ needs. Besides, our experts are monitoring all products from farm to destinations. We are honerd that we can use quality enhancer methods such as pre-cooling, hydrocooling, nano plastic, 5-MCP and thermograph according to shipping duration.

Considering the destination and the type of products, APA family provides the best possible shipping methods with the help of logetic companies who are using brand new RF-containers, air cargo and transit reefers.

In the past few years we have taken steps in the packaging industry for food products and raw packing materials, including PET-PE-PS hygiene sheets. We had identified that packaging in Iran had a weakness, by stepping in packaging industry we changed this weakness to strength.